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JCustom Table

Welcome to JCustome Table home page. We are currenlty looking for people who could help on this project. This project is mainly aimed to provide an enhansed Table component. It aims to provides Java Swing developer with more enhansed feature they need when developing user interfaces for their project. Often this is also helps in reducing the devlopment time & cost.

Some of the feature that are present in this component will be

  • Uses native drawing via the Java native support for AWT.
  • Uses wxWidgets for native widget support. The table component is developed in wxWidgets
  • Table with row headers
  • Table models that support adding of row objects
  • A Data interface that could be implements by the user to store thier data
  • Printing features - for simple archiving purpose.
  • Report generation for the table data.
  • Also planning to provide a preview component.

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